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Appetizer Serving Accessories

Whether you're hosting a cocktail party, a party for kids, a holiday gathering or simply looking to prepare some appetizers to take to a social event, while you've exploring appetizer recipes, you might also want to have a little fun taking a look at the appetizer serving accessories displayed on these Accessories pages! Appetizers come in so many forms, including warm party appetizers, cold party appetizers, appetizers that can be served at room temperature, fun party snack appetizers, finger food appetizers, dips, sauces for meatballs, and the list goes on! With so many different types of appetizer recipes, you'll likely be needing different types of serving
accessories to display them. After all, spending a little time to serve your appetizers with style will create the perfect atmosphere for your event!

If you're serving meatballs or other small appetizers, decorative toothpicks (also called food picks or appetizer picks) and/or small bamboo forks add fun to your event and make it easy for your guests to pick up one single serving at a time or simply pop it in their mouth! Toothpicks are also economical, take up less space and make clean-up much easier.

If you're serving vegetables, homemade pita chips, or miscellaneous snacking chips with dip, a serving tray or a chip and dip tray comes in very handy, and as you look through these pages, you'll find they come in a variety of creative and functional styles as well!

If you find any items on these pages you like, a pop-up window with a "Buy Now" button will appear when you hover over the text or imae links, allowing you to quickly and easily buy the item. If you'd like to browse for even more appetizer serving accessory ideas, simply click on the text link next to "More Information" or the image of the item, and you will be taken to the Amazon store where you can browse even more products.

Shopping for the perfect appetizer serving accessories can be just as much fun as searching for and preparing the appetizers themselves, so enjoy browsing, and have a fabulous and successful event!
Serving Tray, Black Plastic
Plastic Serving Tray
Planning an event where you would like keep things easy and inexpensive? You can't lose with this plastic 12-inch serving tray. This serving tray is made with durable, rigid plastic and has a pretty high gloss finish. It is top-rack dishwasher safe, and will provide many years of memorable social events and parties!
Serving Tray, Deep 3-Piece
Deviled Egg Tray
This intelligent serving tray is 3 serving trays in one! It begins with a deep serving tray perfect for cold cuts, pastries, cupcakes and more. You have the ability to add an egg insert for hard boiled eggs or a veggie insert to give you divided compartments for your choice of veggies! This is a great idea and has a great look!
Serving Tray, Lighted
Lighted Serving Tray
This super lighted LED serving tray measures 14 inches in diameter and will definitely add color, sparkle and festivity to your party or event! This serving tray is a great conversation piece, and will have your guests gathering around to get a closer look. This lighted serving tray is great for any party, and especially New Year's Eve!
Serving Tray, Stainless Steel 15x10-Inch
Silver Serving Tray
This affordable serving tray has a beautiful design and is made of stainless steel material. It measures 15 inches by 10 inches, and has a shiny chrome finish that gives all foods an elegant appearance. This serving tray will hold almost any appetizer food, from cheese and crackers and assorted vegetables and sandwiches.
Serving Trays, Tier and Bowls
Tier Serving Trays and Bowls
These attractive, space-saving and functional serving trays include one 2-tier buffet server, two trays and one 3-section condiment server. The plastic contains no BPA and is made in the USA. These trays are great for indoor and outdoor entertaining, and can hold a large variety of foods, including appetizers..
Double Ceramic Warming Dishes with Stand
These pretty warming dishes are perfect when you'd like to keep your party food warm without the need for electricity. Each warming dish is made with ceramic and will hold and keep warm 1 quart of food. These dishes rest in an attractive chrome-finished metal. The dishes and lids are dishwasher safe.