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Whether you're hosting a cocktail party, a party for kids, a holiday gathering or simply looking to prepare some appetizers to take to a social event, while you've exploring appetizer recipes, you might also want to have a little fun taking a look at the appetizer serving accessories displayed on these Accessories pages! Appetizers come in so many forms, including warm party appetizers, cold party appetizers, appetizers that can be served at room temperature, fun party snack appetizers, finger food appetizers, dips, sauces for meatballs, and the list goes on! With so many different types of appetizer recipes, you'll likely be needing different types of serving
accessories to display them. After all, spending a little time to serve your appetizers with style will create the perfect atmosphere for your event!

If you're serving meatballs or other small appetizers, decorative toothpicks (also called food picks or appetizer picks) and/or small bamboo forks add fun to your event and make it easy for your guests to pick up one single serving at a time or simply pop it in their mouth! Toothpicks are also economical, take up less space and make clean-up much easier.

If you're serving vegetables, homemade pita chips, or miscellaneous snacking chips with dip, a serving tray or a chip and dip tray comes in very handy, and as you look through these pages, you'll find they come in a variety of creative and functional styles as well!

If you find any items on these pages you like, a pop-up window with a "Buy Now" button will appear when you hover over the text or imae links, allowing you to quickly and easily buy the item. If you'd like to browse for even more appetizer serving accessory ideas, simply click on the text link next to "More Information" or the image of the item, and you will be taken to the Amazon store where you can browse even more products.

Shopping for the perfect appetizer serving accessories can be just as much fun as searching for and preparing the appetizers themselves, so enjoy browsing, and have a fabulous and successful event!

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Food Picks, Music Notes
Music Note Appetizer Picks
Whether you are a music fan or are planning an event for others who appreciate music, these adorable food picks might get everyone singing! These attractive food picks are made with bamboo and come with 100 per package. These musical food picks can be served with sandwiches, appetizers, cocktails and more!
Food Picks, Party Style with Serving Tray
Party Picks with Serving Tray
Here's a new twist to decorative food picks! These plastic party style food picks are decorated with colorful plastic beads that make using these picks easy and fun, and will make your event sparkle! These food picks come with a serving tray and are perfect for any event, including New Year's Eve, kids' parties, baby showers, and more!
Food Picks, Two-Color Foil
Two-Color Party Picks
These two-color foil food picks are very festive and will bring good cheer to your table and will set the perfect celebratory theme to your event! These two-color foil food picks come in 3 colors, and measure 6 inches in length. For a very reasonable price, you get 100 picks per package. Get them while they last!
Gravy and Sauce Boat, Glass
Glass Gravy Boat
Gravy boats are not only great for gravy, they are perfect for serving sauces that accompany appetizers, such as cheese sauce, hollandaise sauce, marinara, meatball sauces and more. Serving a sauce in a gravy boat will allow your guests to decide how much sauce they'd like to pour on their appetizer.
Hot Dish Holder
Hot Plate Holders come in handy for dishes that you want to serve direclty from a baking dish, such as casseroles, hot dips and other baked dishes. Simply place the hot casserole dish on this Hot Plate Holder and place on the table. This Hot Plate Holder expands and contracts, to conveniently fit a variety of casserole dish sizes, and has handles for easy carrying from the oven to the table.
Plates, Elegant and Disposable
Elegant Plastic Serving Plates
When it comes to parties or any gathering of people where party food will be served, plastic plates are a must! These plastic plates come in a package with 25 each of 7 1/2-inch appetizer plates and 10 1/2-inch dinner plates (which can also be used with appetizers). The plastic is clear, elegant and durable and can be washed.