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Just as a good set of tools can help a carpenter get the job done more quickly and accurately and with less frustration, kitchen cooks benefit substantially from a good set of essential kitchen supplies. While restaurant kitchens are often stocked with the best commercial kitchen equipment available, home kitchen cooks can also turn their kitchens into a highly functional, productive and
inspiring environment, simply by stocking them with some helpful kitchen equipment. The list of kitchen equipment displayed on these Kitchen Supplies pages includes cooking supplies, baking supplies, kitchen gadgets, cookware and other kitchen equipment that will help make your experience in the kitchen a more efficient and enjoyable one. These kitchen supplies represent those I already own or would personally purchase if I were ready to upgrade, but there are certainly plenty of brands and styles from which to choose to suit your own personal needs, taste and budget. If you are shopping for one of the items shown below or would simply like to view more information, you can do so by clicking any of the image or text links for each item. If you're looking to save time, you can also immediately purchase any item shown simply by clicking the "buy now" button in the pop-up windows that appear when you hover over any image or text link. New kitchen supplies are added to these pages regularly, so please visit again soon for new great kitchen equipment ideas!

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Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
When it comes to mixing ground meat with other ingredients, stainless steel bowls a popular choice, because the ingredients don't tend to stick to the sides and bottom of the bowls. Stainless steel mixing bowls are also very durable and easy to pick up and move around. When using stainless steel mixing bowls, you will also never have to worry about them breaking.
Nonstick Skillet
Nonstick skillets are tremendously helpful when cooking foods that tend to stick to the bottom of other traditional skillets, even after oiling, buttering or spraying with a nonstick spray. Nonstick skillets are great for any foods, and are especially helpful for foods like bacon and/or sausage, chicken, fish, or any meats that tend to stick to the bottom of the pan. Also great for stir-frying!
Pastry Blender
Pastry blenders are commonly used for preparing pastry, such as biscuits and pie crusts. This tool cuts cold cubes of butter into flour, replacing the need for clumsily using other utensils such as knives, is much easier and more efficient. There are other pastry blenders out there that have wires instead of strong steel blades, but I have found this style works much better.
Pastry Brush
Pastry brushes are important tools when it comes to applying liquids or sauces to soft dough, such as egg washes, butter and oils. There are various types of pastry brushes, varying in style and shape. Natural soft bristle brushes or silicone brushes (shown here) are commonly used. This silicone basting brush is both flexible and durable and easy to clean, and is heat-safe up to 450° F.
Slower Cooker
Slow Cookers are wonderful for creating meals in the morning and letting the meal cook by itself for hours or all day long with minimal effort. When dinner time comes, it feels like someone else has prepared your meal for you - plus, you'll hardly have any dishes to do. Let's also not forget the incredible smells that fill your house all day long!
Stainless Steel Scoop
Meatball Scoop
Stainless steel scoops are a great way to scoop up equal portions of food, whether it be meatballs, cheese or other appetizer mixtures, resulting in more uniform sizes. These stainless steel scoops come in a variety of other sizes as well, allowing you to adjust the portions. If you enjoy baking cookies, these stainless steel scoops are also perfect for scooping cookie batter!