Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
Yield:   24 stuffed eggs
Cook Time:  15-20 minutes for hard boiling eggs
Tips:  If a more mild cheese flavor is desired, blue cheese can be reduced by half, while also reducing whipping cream to 1 tablespoon.
Suggestion:   Serve as an egg appetizer for parties, holidays and other social events or with brunch.
Peel shells off hard cooked eggs, then carefully cut in halves lengthwise. Remove yolks and place in a mixing bowl. Smash yolks until well-broken up, then add blue cheese, mayonnaise, whipping cream, parsley, vinegar and celery salt. Mix until well-blended, then add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon equal
amounts of yolk and blue cheese mixture into egg white halves. Serve immediately or chill in an air-tight container in refrigerator until ready to serve.