Polka Dot Melon Salad
Yield:   6-8 servings
Cook Time:   None.
Tips:   If desired, garnish with fresh berries, such as pitted cherries, raspberries, black berries and/or boysenberries, etc.
Suggestion:   Serve in a bowl, over lettuce leaves or with yogurt as a salad. May also be served with sherbet or ice cream as a dessert.
Melon Salad

Cut cantaloupe, honeydew melon and watermelon in halves. Remove seeds from cantaloupe and honeydew. Using a melon ball scooper, scoop out ball shapes from each melon, using entire cantaloupe and honeydew melons, and using 4 measured cups of watermelon balls.

Place balls into a large mixing bowl. Pour Honey Lime Dressing over melon balls and gently stir to combine. Cover and refrigerate for about 1 hour. Serve using any of the following options:

Serving Options

Honey Lime Dressing

Combine oil, lime and orange juices, honey, salt and paprika in a jar. Cover jar and shake vigorously until well blended.